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US Open 2019
Saturday, June 8, 2019 - 07:00 at Morningstar Golfers Club

Event Information

1st = $200 - 2nd = $150 - 3rd = $125 - 4th = $100 - 5th = $75 - 6th = $50 - 7th = $20
(Plus 50 additional Troyer Cup Points)

Event Rules

US Open Rules

Blue Tees - All balls must be putted out.

The water on the left side of hole #2 from tee to green will be played as casual water.

The trees to the left of #4 are played as a hazard.

Lift clean and place in your own fairway.  The ball may be lifted, cleaned and placed within 12” of the original marked spot that your ball comes to rest in your own fairway without consulting another player.

At any time if your ball has visible mud clump on it the player must confirm with another player and then if agreed the player may lift clean and place the ball in the original spot it came to rest.

If you lose a ball and did not hit a provisional the player may drop a ball within 2 club lengths from the spot where the ball entered the hazard for a 2 stroke penalty.

If your ball comes to rest on the ground that should be marked ground under repair you may move the ball up to one club length no closer to the hole in either direction.  Another player must agree before moving your ball.  This includes balls coming to rest on areas of the green that should be obviously marked ground under repair or to avoid having to putt thought such area.  If total relief can’t be reached within one club length the player is considered out of luck and has to play the ball within the relief area.

You may mark clean and place your ball on any tightly mowed area around the green.  If a newly sodded area exists between you and the hole you may take complete relief (no closer to the hole and you must remain in the same cut as to where your ball came to rest.


Round 1
Saturday, June 8th @ 7:00AM (CT)
Morningstar Golfers Club
Format: Strokeplay

Round 2
Sunday, June 9th @ 6:50AM (CT)
Morningstar Golfers Club
Format: Strokeplay